Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall fabric Hot Sellers // Spoonflower

As a country girl I used to play outside a lot and enjoy the change of seasons. From lush green leaves to bright red, orange and yellow. I enjoyed playing out in the windy fall weather. Hiding out in a big pile of crisp leaves, dancing in a puddle of mud. I loved playing outside, see birds build their nests and take care of their little ones. Me and my bestie took long hikes to spot little animals. Rabbits, owls and an occasional fox. And after the summer we would wear our rain boots to walk through the cornfields to see crops grow.

These little parts of my childhood are a great source of inspiration. The little girl hiking in her own Alice in Wonderland fantasy land, where oak trees came alive and little birds would turn into dinosaurs, well everything could turn into a dinosaur or a unicorn of course, those happy moments still inspire me creating seasonal designs.

Fall might just be my favorite season. It is all about starting new things and a time to reflect. Stay in, find your way around the house again and maybe improve small things to make it feel like home again. I noticed the past few weeks a lot of DIY fans have started their new projects. Sales are up and it is time to make some new warm fashion items and fun home decor textiles to spice up the interior. A great way to start this colder season.

We have seen an increase in lighter and gender neutral color schemes. And this season we have more halloween and winter sales. We are all ready to look ahead and show you the latest trends at Spoonflower. Fun fabric for the colder season. This is our top 5 hot sellers this fall.

1 // Pastel Feathers
No matter what season, our feathers keep selling. The pastels and the black color scheme form a light crisp contrast to the background. This 2-directional repeat has been very popular for baby and toddler fashion items but also very suitable for home decor. This soft design has little Aztec detailing and small arrows. Our most popular color combo still is a hotseller.

2 // Hedgehogs
We adore hedgehogs. Those adorable animals that are so damn hard to cuddle with. So we made some designs for our fabric range so you can cuddle! We have several different color schemes but this year we see an increase in gender neutrals. The black and whites with a hint of color are trending.

3 // Indian Animals
We love to see this print being picked up. For an exclusive range we designed some indian animals that were never licensed so we put them up on Spoonflower a while ago and didn’t see many sales then, but obviously the print is crazy popular this year. Happy to see this design picked up by so many enthusiastic crafters, it is one of our faves this year as well.

4 // Textured Pumpkins
In Holland we don’t have much of a ‘pumpkin’ culture. My first taste of pumpkin was in the States when I was 16 i travelled to Atlanta where my host made me a pumpkin pie. Loved it! It was early October and the US was preparing for halloween. Shops were all orange and I got to see a little of the halloween madness. This year we have seen an increase in halloween themed sales. But the pumpkin is by far our most popular one since it it also cute for fall in general. Oh, and I loved the pumpkin pie. Still hooked!

5 // Geometric Polar Bears
For the second year in a row the polar bears a very popular theme in the shop and we notice lot’s of people are already ordering winter fabric for their new range of clothes. This gender neutral Bears have been very popular the past year but the trend is still growing. Happy to see these white babies get so much love out there!