Friday, October 14, 2016

Fabric Feature Friday // Handmade doll clothes // by I can’t dance Sweden

A few weeks ago we were tagged by Jenny on Instagram. She had just finished a cute pink sweater made with our Hemmers/Itex panda fabric. But not just a regular sweater, Jenny makes doll clothes. Oh yes googly eyes!

We fell in love with her panda creations immediately and wanted to write a little something about her and her small creative business. Jenny is based in Sweden and has been creating doll related items for over 8 years. She makes doll clothes but also designs dolls herself which she draws, prints via Spoonflower and then tuns into stuffed fluffy creations. She designs fabric, jewelry and all sort of other fun items. This girl is truly creative by heart. And we love her whimsical and joyful style.

If you want to create some cool doll clothes yourself? Check out our fabric available at Spoonflower. Most of our designs can be scaled down so if you need another scale of a specific design just send us a quick message via our Spoonflower account. If you are curious about what Jenny is up to? Follow @icantdance on Instagram or check out her Etsy shop to find these cute doll dresses and sweaters.