Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yoga & Meditation Retreat // Flyers & Posters

For a few years I have been working for a little Yoga studio here in the neighborhood close to The Hagues city center. The studio is run by Diana van Gelder who teaches Hatha Yoga classes and organized Morning Meditations on Saturdays.

My work keeps me working on my computer for quite some hours each day so I love to attend her classes and balance my body and mind. And after a few years of knowing Diana I started doing some work for her. Her studio flyer, beach posters. Right now I am working on a flyer for a little retreat Diana is organizing next year.

I haven't been doing too much graphic work lately. I have been very busy with illustrations and surface pattern design so it is nice to work with image and type again. The retreat is a combination of Yoga classes, meditation and massages and of course a lot of 'me' time to relax and enjoy the food and culture of the Algarve. A great way to relax and take it easy in an amazing area of Portugal. If you would like to know more about her Yoga & Meditation retreat, check her website for more information about dates and prices.