Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New quirky owls baby goods // Kalamati Poland

Once there was a penguin print that ended up being more of an owl design. Still this design is one of my favorite kids prints I have made this year. So of course I was very happy when Kalamati contacted me to purchase the license.

I have been working together with a few different companies in baby and kids textiles this year but this series of products is definitely one of the high lights. Kalamati is a company that specializes in baby and kids goods. As you can see the fabric is not only very handy at home or in your little ones crib but you can also use it outdoors during these last few days of summer. For now this design is only available in Poland and via their website. So if you are in love with this print you will need to hurry up to get yourself one of the blankets of toy animals.