Thursday, September 4, 2014

Veritas press event // the amazing new office // presenting their new end-of-year collection

This past tuesday Veritas had organized a press event in their new office to show their festive end-of-year collections of accessories and new fabric. I was invited to make a little presentation about the designing process of the new fall collection I created and show attendees the final result of the entire collection that will be in shops by the end of this year.

The day started with a little tour around the amazing new office. Vanessa Boel, head of styling and visual branding manager at Veritas, had the opportunity to shape her own office environment and took on the job as decorator. With little spontaneous threats of typography and inspiring quotes. Room for creative projects and workshops. Little nooks to hang out and create your own cozy bubble, the building now reflects what Veritas has stand for, for over more that 100 years. A company that stimulates individual creativity.

After a delightful Christmas themed lunch it was time to get something done. Press and bloggers were invited to join several workshops, get a little make over and also listen to my story about the new collection that will be in shops this November.

New woman's accessories, sewing supplies, cozy home wear and fabric. It will be all available very soon. I will keep you posted!

Although talking about my process and design workflow is not really my thing I have enjoyed every minute of it. It was so much fun to feel this great energy going around the building, talk to so many inspirational people. Thank you Veritas for an incredible day! And of course a big thanks to all peeps that came over to check out the fall collection.