Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shutterstock Instagram Takeover // Behind the scenes at the studio & a great dose of inspiration

Instagram must be my favorite type of social media. I am not a great writer, I a visual person. So when I was asked to take over Shutterstock's instagram feed for a week I was more that happy to do so.

Posting for someone else is a completely different experience. Shutterstock followers tend to choose Photography over illustration. So this was a great chance to post some more visual work made with different materials. Show followers how I work and what inspires me. But of course this take-over was also a great chance to show a little bit about my country and the places I visit, little snaps of my daily life. I love to travel but forget there is also a lot to see right where I come from. Especially for followers from so many countries around the world.

I was amazed with the great feedback I got. I am so happy I was able to show off a bit more illustrations and patterns. If you want to see all images take a look at the Shutterstock Instagram feed. And don't forget to follow @littlesmilemakers too.

If you would like to read more about my take-over you can check Shutterstock's blogpost written by the awesome Sarah Maloy. Thank you for this great story.