Thursday, August 7, 2014

Feathers of Freedom // Birds of Paradise

This week I am working from abroad. There is no greater place than working in a buzzing city that is full of creative energy. I am spending my days working from my dear friends apartment in the old part of the city of Antwerp.

Today I was able to schedule a visit the MoMu. Antwerp's famous fashion Museum with a great expo about feathers in fashion: Birds of Paradise. I am a big fan of the feather. That sounds a bit strange right? But if I tell you that feathers to me are the ultimate symbol of freedom it will explain why I love this little piece of wings that I also use in my art often.

As an artist I need to feel free in order to create, too many boundaries will create a 'writers block.' But ultimate freedom in design is not only bliss, I do need some sort of 'rules' to work with.

For me a big chunk of the designing process is solving a problem: A clients request for a design. How could something be appealing to a target group, what color will give that feeling to the design I wish for, a certain theme has to be kept in mind. But if there are too many things to worry about it will blur my view on a design, there is not enough freedom to create.

In my daily life I try to live as 'free' as possible. I try not to be the airhead consumer and only buy things which i really need. I try to be open minded about things I haven't experienced and done before.
So yes, feathers for me represent that what I am passionate about and what drives me to create. the museum has a great collection of designer's items from Vuitton to Balenciaga, dresses, shoes, and beautiful feathered hats. If you are passionate about fashion, go see the exhibition if you are visiting Antwerp. You can visit the MoMu until August 24th.