Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crazy Cat Planner // Ankepanke brings 50+ illustrators together for her new project // Pre-order now!

"About 5 weeks ago it started to ‘itch’ again and I felt like creating a new planner" Ankepanke says. Maybe you’ve seen the GIRL or Pretty in Pink planner? This time it’s a Crazy Cat Lady planner! 50+ creatives from all over the world participate in this new project.

Ankepanke has taken initiative to, once again, bring all these amazing pieces of art together. Last year she already made the Pretty in Pink planner in which I was asked to participate as well. This year I send in my most recent Cat theme. You can now pre-order the Crazy Cat Planner in her Etsy shop. So sign up if you are a cat lady and you wish to get a copy. If you are curious about Ankepanke's work check out her blog.

Here are a few of the amazing illustrations that are featured in the planner.
Click on the images to go to the creators website.