Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh dear! Oh dear! I'm late! // Alice in Wonderland // Some long overdue fabric designs

When I was a little girl Alice in Wonderland was my very favorite book. I kept her story underneath my pillow hoping to dream about her adventures in this amazing country of smoking caterpiller's and awesome non-birthday parties. I was fascinated by the cat, the colors, the diversity of settings and places. Stuck in a hallway, lost in a forest. Her story seemed to take her a lifetime.

When Tim Burton made a movie about this children's book, oh my, I couldn't wait to see it. With Johnny Depp starring as the Mad Hatter. How could someone top that? Although I loved the screenplay, I am a big fan of Tim Burton, the new book I found was even better. Now, many years later I am still taken by this amazing trip of Alice and see myself buying a book for my little niece. Rebecca Dautremer has illustrated an amazing book of illustrations that tell this story in a visual way. Gorgeous drawings that go far beyond my imagination.

Feeling all 'wow' again about this story I decided to make my own little Alice in Wonderland set of designs containing 3 seamless patterns for both boys and girls fabric. Designs that will be available in the official Little Smilemakers Studio fabric shop at Spoonflower within a few weeks. I had so much fun making this. Hope you will like the prints too.