Friday, September 14, 2012

> Sinterklaas, zwarte piet and christmas patterns are up!

For most graphic designers that work for commercial products and companies the holiday season starts in the summer. Little Smilemakers Studio is always working six months ahead. To post my new christmas home deco projects and patterns here on the Little Smilemakers blog during the summer feels kinda strange so i always wait till i see a first sign in the shops. I was amazed to see the first signs of our typical Dutch holiday 'Sinterklaas' and 'pepernoten' in my local grocery this week already!

I have been working on several holiday patterns as you can see above. The top pattern was made for a Sinterklaas wrapping paper collection but you can also order this print as online postcard. Could be an invitation for friends to celebrate this holiday together or just a cute note for a Dutch friend or family member overseas. I love the Sinterklaas tradition.

If you would like to send one of those christmas patterns and designs as a merry christmas card to you friends or family just check out my online cards at Kaartje2Go.