Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back to school // typography designs // special designs for your little ones first day of school

Did you guys know that during my studies I also attended typography classes, where we studied fonts, typographers and got calligraphy lessons? I was studying graphic design & typography on the Royal Art Academy of The hague. Not that it was such a dread, I was a little typophile back in those days i loved smart typography and walking by a Comic Sans sign seriously gave me the chills. It still does! It is that irrational love for typography that get’s me personally offended.

I have written an entire essay about Saul Bass and his typographical movie intro’s, but also about Dutch typographers; about Wim Crouwel, founder of this countries largest graphic design firm. About Piet Zwart and his work for the national postal service. And of course Willem Sandberg, part of the Cobra movement, with his gorgeous print designs. But after my studies I only use all this for simple every day typography tasks we graphic designers do every day, spacing characters on business cards and maybe we get to draw a font for some branding every now and then but that’s about it for me.

So with all this I thought creating a typography inspired theme for our back to school post this year would be fun. Since I create surface patterns I have made several type prints. They never really are hot sellers but our most recent designs, our black and whites and hand drawn designs have been selling pretty well. So here you can see some of the black and whites themes that might be perfect for your back to school gear. Go check out the entire fabric collection on Spoonflower and make some cool back to school fashion for your little ones first day of school.

All designs featured in this post can be found in our Spoonflower online fabric shop where we offer our designs on 16 different textiles and wallpaper. If you have trouble choosing the right fabric for your project check out our Spoonflower frequently asked questions post. And reach out if you need another scale for your project, we are happy to add an extra scale to the shop for you. If you would like to license one of the designs for your business, please send us an email.