Sunday, October 25, 2015

Splash About // New outdoor collection for kids // Raincoats, capes and stomp suits // Rainy day fashion

When I was a little girl I grew up in a little town in Holland. And as good Dutch parents teach you; we go anywhere on our bike no matter what kind of weather. I loved the bike trips me and my friend made during our summer break. We would cycle around for hours and hours until we got thirsty. The warm breeze, the lush country side. It is a great place to grow up, a place where you can let your kids play within a 10km radius, carefree. It was safe and easy. But then fall came, with it's crazy stormy days, bright lights and of course the cold rain.

Every Dutch kid has been brought up to go through whatever weather, on a bike. I have been wearing raincoats and... yes pants too for as long as I can remember. I never liked those sad colored things though, since they only came in sad gray, dark blue and black colors. Oh yes, and there was a great pink, I call the 80's shade. But my mum was too much of a feminine to let me have a pink raincoat. You can imagine how excited I got when I got to make a new outdoors collection (25 years later). Finally we were able to make this wet rainy world a little better, at least during stormy weather, rain and of course snow. Yes, we cycle through snow… We can do anything on a bike. Carry extra people, moving house. So this collection is very welcome.

Splash About makes wetsuits, baby and toddles swimsuits and lot's more water-related fashion for kids. Their swimwear protects little ones from nasty sun burns but now they have also launched a outdoor range. For this collection of raincoats stomp suits and capes we have made a cute girls and boys print. Some cool quirky dinosaurs and colorful Russian dolls.

Take a look into the Splash About webshop and check out our new designs. It will only take a matter of time before we will stumble upon one of these during a rainy day here in Holland. They sure bright up a gray fall and winter day!