Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sources of inspiration: Botanics and Wild life - All about green

I have to admit I do not only draw all day. Half of my work is researching markets all over the world. Doing so I get inspired most by what is happening in Brazil and other tropical markets right now. I am a big fan of the minimal Scandinavian designs but I adore the lush green tropical influences finally coming our way in mainstream fashion and home decor. Much more character!

So why not have a little feature about fascinates me most: Nature. I grew up in a place where we forget how to live in harmony with trees and whenever I travel I find myself a little more at ease when I am surrounded by nature. Culture fascinates me, but come on, the diversity in wild life and plants.

There is of course a serious green trend going on in every aspect of life for a while now. People get more conscious about their health, their environment and about what they eat.

Last year tropical prints were already introduced into the western fashion world. The pineapple made a come back, cactus themes and large green leafs. And with this year's spring entering the country there is finally room for plants. There is a trend going on in home decor as well. Lush branches, large retro plants decorate the living room again and colors of the tropics find their way into our interiors again. Even on minimal markets like in Scandinavia and central Europe. So yes, nature is back and we love it!