Thursday, April 30, 2015

Well hello summer // Pineapples and Ice Cream Cones // This year's hot selling fabric // Summer 2015

Preparations are in order! Just two more months and we can give a warm welcome to summer 2015 and customers are already creating entire new collections of cute summer fashion for themselves and their little ones. Our head is already celebrating summer but first a little feature about this year's hot selling Little Smilemakers Designs. And so many adorable items to choose from!

This year we have some oldies that have been hitting the charts like mad. Most popular designs for this years summer have been made a while ago, some designs are made years ago. We always try to make sure to be ahead and on trend. This year all fabric hot sellers are from our Little Smilemakers golden collection. Two most popular themes: Pineapples and ice cream cones. It doesn't get more summer than that!

Brazilian influences are introduced a few years ago, not only in home decor, they now also make their way into fashion more and more. Last year tropical florals were hot sellers. Green lush and tropical flowers. Now the botanical garden and cactus theme is one of our best selling designs on fabric for this year but tropical fruit is selling like mad too this year, maybe the fruits will top the cacti heaven? We'll see. But we sure love to see all these cute items you make with our designs.

The pineapple. We have seen fluorescent and ceramic pineapples pop up in home decor magazines for the last three years and finally one of our favorite designs is picked up. This hand drawn doodle pineapple, featured here, was drawn three years ago and part of a summer garden surface pattern collection then. Two years ago the design was put on the market as fabric and this year all mom's seem to wanna have this print for their little one's shorts, leggings, head bands and tops. Since it has been our spring hot seller we have decided to add five more color schemes to the summer collection, introducing gender neutral and boy versions. So take a look!

Have you seen the Twisted Knot shorts with pineapples and water melons? They are adorable. But our most popular design this spring is the colorful ice cream cone. We have created a few different versions to choose from. Have you seen the geometric cones? You can also mix and match these ice cream illustrations with other summer prints in the same color palette. Take a look in the shop and choose your favorite print for this summer and show us your creations!

Leggings with pineapples and ice cream that are featured here can be found in the Yay for Handmade shop. The Water Melon & Pineapple shorts are made by The Twisted Knot and can also be found online.

Photography via Fotolia