Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little Smilemakers Studio // 3 year anniversary

Another celebration in the studio today. Happy birthday Little Smilemakers Studio! I started Little Smilemakers Studio 3 years ago on a cold and rainy November day in 2011. Now three years later, after working long days, it is time to say goodbye to the first toddler years. We've been growing strong with a great client base and it is time to reflect on a great start.

In three years so much has happened. I quit my safe but non-inspirational office job in a design studio and it seems like ever since I decided to work as an independent designer life seems to have fallen in to place. This way of life fits like that favorite pear of jeans. I have the luxury doing what I love: making illustrations and surface patterns for clients all around the world. My work has never been so fulfilling and is completely different every day. I am able to travel. I always carry a camera, just to make little visual notes. These impressions are translated into my work. In my portfolio, my travels come together in illustrations and patterns inspired by all the places, moments, encounters, and colors that stimulate my creativity. It has been a great ride so far. I am looking forward to what is to come.

Photo by Kaponia Aliaksei