Thursday, November 6, 2014

3 Must-Reads for starting up your design business

This month it will be three years ago since I started Little Smilemakers Studio. I have studies and read numerous books and magazines to stay up to date about social media and making my living doing what I love. There are three books that have helped me with the little bugs and errors that come with setting up your own independent creative business. I was lucky to have had 7 years of experience before starting my company so I already had a clear view of what I wanted and especially what I didn't want. But there is no way to oversee it all. There three books have been a great addition.

1 // Mollie Makes Blogging
This is not a book but a magazine all about blogging, social media and how to deal with creative content online. The magazine has great tips for transforming your blog and website into a great visual experience for followers, simple tools to keep in mind while posting content and it has a great overview of all social media pro's and con's. Find out what works best for you and build your creative blog with a steady foundation.

2 // Handboek voor het opzetten van een ontwerp praktijk
I already bought this book before starting my own business. It is a good preparation for what is to come when you do not have a lot of experience in design practice. This book contains all practicalities you will have to worry about while setting up a new business. How to attract clients and how to deal with contracts and numbers. The guide to start your own design business. The book is only available in Dutch.

3 // Art Inc
A guide for building your career as an artist and was written by Lisa Congdon, created by her own experience as an artist. This book is all about turning your skills into a successful business. The book has some great tips about dealing with irregular income, protecting copyright and you can also learn about promoting your artwork, work with creative galleries and selling your art.