Wednesday, October 9, 2013

> And the winner is.....

It was something I had never done before. Making a 'moving' image about... well, me. I am not the kind of person that feels naturally comfortable in front of a camera. If I know someone is trying to capture me through a lens I suddenly feel the urge to do all sorts of things but not be in it, sit still, or try to go with it. So yes. After a week of filming, me and my craziness, I decided to do what I love most. Make a video of my story illustration style. I finished just in time and sent in my Shutterstock Stories video.

Now a month later all winners are announced and I have this very cool 'badge in my right corner' thing going on. I am honored to be one of the winners. All Shutterstock Stories have been very inspiring. Proud to bee one of them! So thank you all for voting and supporting me these past few weeks. And I will have to thank two peeps i couldn't finish this without: Jaap Vork for his amazing eye and Rob Kanters for his soundscape and greatness of his ears.

Enjoy watching if you haven't seen the video yet and follow all new exciting things happening on facebook.