Monday, September 2, 2013

> Shutterstock Stories | My Little Smilemakers Story by Maaike Boot

When I was little, i only had one hobby: drawing. My mum used to buy me a new package of pencils every week because i run out of ink that crazy quickly. As long as i can remember i was busy creating things. My parents always knew i would be doing something with that creativity.

This spring i was invited to dinner by a Shutterstock representative and i was informed about the Shutterstock Stories program. Shutterstock has been very important to me during the seven year I work for them as a contributer. I think it is partly because of them I was able, and dared, to quit my job and start my own Little Smilemakers Studio. As an ambassador i just had to join in and send my little story into the world.

I love creating things but filming... as it turns out i do not have a a lot of potential as an actress, just being myself and telling my story was too hard for me to do on camera. I kept forgetting my own text. Strange, because it was my text, my story. Well, I needed to come up with a different approach. More me, not in in the spotlight and all about drawing. A dear friend and awesome photographer, Jaap Vork, helped me to make it more 'me.'Hope you can appreciate the video. It is kind of scary to put something out there that is clearly not my media but is very personal. But it's there, all finished!