Wednesday, December 19, 2012

> Little Smilemakers iphone case for How I met your mother | Good taste Lily Aldrin!

As a graphic designer you get used to seeing your designs out there after working for years and years in the business. But some just pop up where you would not expect it. During the final december episode from the How I Met Your Mother series there was a sudden glance of what seemed to be a Little Smilemakers design. Have you ever seen the 'coca cola' flash movie? Where they hide a crazy short cut of the logo and then you suddenly want to have a good Cuba Libre? Well, it took a while for me to realize why i found her iphone case so familiar. You can see How I Met Your Mothers actress Alyson Hannigan making a Little Smilemakers phonecall to Jason Segel.

Look what I saw in a Little Smilemakers flash during How I Met Your Mother's last episode. Good taste Lilly! Available at my Zazzle shop!