Wednesday, October 3, 2012

> Happy october! Nesting time of the year. Some home deco, retro fabric and inspiration for you!

By Maaike Boot

Well, it is october! The summer really is gone, the leafs are changing color and the days are getting darker. I love this time of the year. I love to prepare my house into a nice warm place to hide from the cold winter days. Fall is all about the change in color, change in mood, nesting, that change always is a good inspiration for me. Like a new fresh start, turning a page.

I have been working on several home deco projects for the past few months. Like the Animal Patchwork storage boxes. All six boxes all have their own animal theme. Cute abstract illustrations for both boys and girls. A cute colorful touch for your kids bedroom.

But i have also created a new fabric line at Spoonflower For all DIY people that spend this time of the year sewing new accessories for their homes this might be a nice place to purchase my, if i say so, very cool retro designs. Spoonflower has different types of fabric material so you can purchase my design on every type that suits your do it yourself product. Have fun browsing through the store, like, share and tell your crafty creative friends! Have a nice colorful october ya'll!