Saturday, September 1, 2012

> Happy september! Enjoy the color changes of pre-autumn!

As a graphic designer i am always working on 'the other side of the seasons.' Just a month ago i finished the December and christmas designs i worked on. The summer is always a bit slow. People going on holidays, companies closing for the summer. But i am working for the big holiday rush already.

September is always a fresh start of new things. People going back to work, feeling this new found energy. A very productive month. Just before it all starts i wanted to post a quick note here. I will be busy designing some interior products this month. For a new summer collection. So my life will be all 'flowery colorful' the next few weeks. But just for Septembers sake: You can take a look in my online card collection for a cute autumn note like the one above. Have a nice after-summer time and enjoy the color changes of pre-autumn!