Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Musical kids mini-market // De Nieuwe Regentes Theater

Every year our local theater closes up for summer. I have been working behind the scenes as a volunteer for almost two years now. Preparing for the concerts, making the kids feel at home and being the go to person when mom’s and dad’s visit out local venue in The Hague.

The theater season is coming to an end. Just a few more dance performances and musicals before we close up for summer. For the first time we celebrated the last Toddler concert of this season with a little party. With colorful balloons, a kids fashion swap, and a mini-market with handmade artwork, musical instruments and kids clothes and accessories.

Handmade kids fashion by Ansje Handmade
For this mini-market I invited Ansje handmade to sell some of her handmade items. She has been working with our Little Smilemakers fabric for a while and you can find her on numerous markets around The Hague area. She runs a little online shop where she sells her fun kids clothes, blankets and other fun kids and nursery items, but she also sells fabric per 25cm. She has been a big fan of our designs so for all Dutch sewing addicts; check out her website for her Little Smilemakers fabric collection.

Musical toys by Tutti Timbri
We also invited Bert who creates beautiful wooden sound toys for small children that are also very suitable for disabled kids. The material is clean and ready to play with. If you would like to know more about his range of musical items check out the website for more info.

Paper art by Esther
Esther is one of our hospitality volunteers in our theater, in her spare time she like to draw and make these whimsical little creatures she calls ‘Wezempjes.’ She makes a combination of paper collages and abstract shapes, these are the foundation of her little creatures. Follow her Instagram page and watch her feed if you’d like to see more.

Toddles concerts by Club Ghazal
All year round, except for our summer holiday break, you can come visit the theater with your baby and toddler to enjoy a musical journey created by Club Ghazal. With their musical instruments, vocal performances and playful parachute they have been touring around local theaters in The Hague the past year and they will be back performing on Wednesdays in September. Come visit the Nieuwe regentes and enjoy their performance this fall!