Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine // Top 5 things I love

It's that time of the year again. Shopping windows all turned red and pink and the past few weeks everything was covered in hearts. It is Valentine's day. We do not have a huge library of Valentine related designs but we put lot's of love in our creations. So let's talk about all the things we love. Like this image above that represents all that.

Travel the world
We saw this cute leopard legging in the Elsie & Aster shop. The design was made right before my trip to Sri Lanka two months ago. Where we went on a breathtaking safari and spotted some leopards in Yala National Park. Most of the designs that make the fabric cut are inspired by our travels. it can be the shape of some certain food, colors on a daily market that inspire a palette, or quirky animals we haven't seen before.

Ink drawings
This leopard design was part of the OMG i booked a ticket to Sri Lanka experience. But it also contains my other passion: black ink. I was just a kid when I decided I wanted to draw all day every day. Turns out you can actually make a living out of that. Well if you put in the effort and work hard. Nowadays I try to draw at least something every day. I especially love using a pencil with black ink. I love the contrasting colors and the harsh lines, I like how you have to be confident with the black ink. There is no way to erase the lines and shapes, it is my own handwriting that will be translated into the shapes and illustrations I make.

Clearly, when you would look into my personal portfolio you will see lot's of white. I love to start with a white canvas. The photo above also has the crisp and clean feel to it which I love so much. Designing is a process of making choices. I like to start on bright white and work with black, than fill in the blanks and balance out color. White. You are loved!

Finished projects
I can not remember the first design that was turned into something tangible but I do enjoy every single hand made piece we see posted on our facebook page and Instagram. It is so much fun to see how your creations evolve into another creative project. All those adorable kids wearing our prints, we can not get enough of that! Makes is so much fun to create.

A visual diary
All right, let's be honest, I personally am not the best writer and posting things here on the blog can be a challenge. I am visual. So writing might be a challenge but I make up for that visually. I dreamt of becoming a photographer for a while. I love making pictures, creating images, illustrations. So Instagram for me is the best invention for our Little Smilemakers business. That way we can share all our designs and we can stay connected with our followers. I love updating this visual diary. Follow @littlesmilemakers on Instagram.