Monday, January 11, 2016

A new year // A new collection // Japanese Paper Art // Origami surface patterns and fabric

When I was born my mom and dad sent our personal handmade birth announcements with little paper boats. Boot is Dutch for boat, with a surname like that it is easy to find a suitable theme for those announcement cards. My mom and dad folded hundreds of little tiny paper boats that were glued on the cover of the postcards.

When I was a little kid i loved my arts and crafts class. Of course, I turned out running my own crafty business, but while I was traveling through Japan and visiting a local museum in Tokyo I was reminded of our origami projects back in school. We made all sorts of animals and flowers. Paper was my favorite material to work with, and still is. That is why I have been working on a new series of designs, all origami animals.

I bet you have made a paper crane or two back when you were little. We are still expanding the design collection of origami animals but of course we started out with some boats first. Together with some geometric shapes and detailing they turned out to be beautiful fabrics. And it is such a simple and easy way to have a nice afternoon out with the kids, just make your own paper boats and visit the lake. It will be a memorable day out.