Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sewing Inspiration // Sprout patterns // Fashion and accessories

We have been selling fabric through our Spoonflower shop for over four years now. We have seen many awesome finished projects by our talented customers but we also got requests from people that really wanted to create something but didn't really know where to start. These fun Christmas stockings, kids clothes and cactus blouse were all made with Sprout Patterns.

This fall Sprout Patterns was launched a new service that offers curated indie sewing patterns that you combine with our Little Smilemakers Spoonflower designs to create customized projects. Each project is digitally printed by Spoonflower at their Durham, NC headquarters. Sprout Patterns takes out all the work of putting a sewing pattern onto fabric.

With Sprout you simply choose your sewing pattern from our curated collection of indie patterns, then fill the pattern with your fabric design of choice from Spoonflower’s marketplace. Select your size and fabric, we do all the rest! You will receive a package that includes a digitally printed custom sewing pattern— all you need to do is cut and sew! So no messy struggles with drawing your own pattern and try to find that little size stroke you can never really see through the transfer paper. If you don;t have a whole lot of time but love to make something original this is something for you.

And with the holidays coming up this might be a perfect present for one of sewing addict friends. Or throw a baby shower for a pregnant friend and spend your day sewing cute little baby rompers. Check out the website for all sewing and pattern inspiration. Log in with your Spoonflower account and pick your fabric. Also check out there Pinterest and Facebook page for daily inspiration. Have fun and happy holidays!