Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meet Alfred // Votes needed for our super-hero volunteer collegue

All right, a little personal favor I would like to ask from you readers. Next to running a creative studio I also do volunteer work at a local theater here in The Hague, Holland. One of my fellow colleagues has been nominated for the Dutch Hero prize.

Meet Alfred, our very own hero at De Nieuwe Regentes. Next to his full time job he spends every waking moment contributing to the future of our local theater. Theater can be a chaotic place, where lot's of artist come and perform, huge amounts of people come to see plays, concerts and other performances and without volunteer workers there wouldn't be a theater. Alfred knows how to magically turn stress and chaos into a fun cheerful night. He has magic people! So I don't want to talk too long about this mister. To us, his fellow colleagues he is golden already, we only need the Hero prize to convince him that he is. So if you have some time reading this, voting only takes a few seconds extra. He deserves this this loving hug!