Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Little Smilemakers fabric // New Spoonflower fabric // Scandinavian style animals and gender neutral kids themes

We have some new awesome fabric in our Spoonflower shop. And we upload around 60 designs each month. We already have over a 1200 designs up in the shop. So many designs to choose from! So from now on we will have a new monthly feature here on the blog. We will feature new designs and trending themes so you have a better view about what's happening and what's new.

This month we would like to show you some new Scandinavian style themed designs in gender neutral colors. Black and whites, shades of gray and beige. We have worked on new grizzly bears. The one featured here is available in 4 different color schemes. Bright blue, pink, pastels and this gender neutral color version. From here we have created a matching arrows and crosses print in black and white.

Winter is coming closer and for the new colder season we have some new color versions of our geometric clouds fabric up in the shop and added new geometric mountain designs with little tiny snow flakes. When winter comes and visit us in europe, australia warms up again and prepares for summer. For all you Aussies we have some fun summer themes too. What about this fun gender neutral hippie bus? We are looking forward to seeing this print turned into fun kids clothes! But our very favorite new print must be the armadillo. Such a quirky animal! Which one of these new prints is your favorite?

If you are interested in purchasing one of these fabrics, here are the links to this month features fabric designs:
Grizzly bears design // Arrows and crosses design // Geometric clouds design // Armadillo country design // Fuji winter design // Hippie bus design