Friday, August 7, 2015

Sources of inspiration // Top 5 movies about artists // photographers // painters

Summer is awesome, spending long nights at the beach. Live outside and enjoy nature, but yeah, here in Holland the climate is not all that awesome. We have had weeks of rain and dear god it's cold! We had to turn the heater on in the studio this week. So if your summer needs a little 'cozy & at home time' we have listed a few inspiring, beautiful and dreamy films and documentaries. All with a little creative artist twist. So get yourself some popcorn and a warm blanket and have a creative film marathon. Here is my list of favorite on screen creativeness. A top 5 list of movies about true artists.

Big eyes
Tim Burton must be one of my favorite directors. He knows how to create a completely different world, a feather light colorful fantasy world but things are always a little rough around the edges. All his films are pieces of art itself but in this movie he talks about the story of a pop culture painter Walter Keane who is an upcoming artist in the late 50's. But no one knows the real painter behind the artworks is his wife Margaret Keane. A beautiful film starring Amy Adams.
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I think this movie might be one of the most famous ones about the life of an artist. The story about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo really touched me. In an era of Facebook, where you are only to show the positive side of life it seems we have no room for the real stories. For me it can be challenging too, how people love what you do but it has to be all 'happy and sunshine.' That is probably why I love this movie so much. It touched me right to the core since I have my own disability too. But never talk about that. Only when artists pass we have room for the real story. Isn't that sad? Creative people sometimes are creative for a reason, they had to adapt and be creative to find their own paths in life. Usually great artist have an interesting story to tell. They are ahead in life because they are fighters. That is what I love about the movie, even though it can be sad it shows an enormous strength. Frida you are an artist in both life and work.
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Feet, what do I need you for
when I have wings to fly //
Frida Kahlo

Bill Cunningham - New York
It is funny how this documentary is an attempt to tell a in depth story about this famous Manhattan street fashion photographer. I have seen this documentary a couple of times and love how we get a little insight in Bill's every day life. The New York streets scenes are a big plus too. Little details and anecdotes shape the story about Bill. And what I truly love is his passion for his profession both photography and fashion. Bill Cunningham is a 86 year old man, cycling the streets with his camera in his typical blue jacket capturing current fashion. He still works for the New York Times up until today. That is his life, and it has been his life for years. It is a story about a true artist with great passion for the creative process that stays true to that what he finds most important. What not to love?
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Finding Vivian Maier
The photographs of Vivian Maier were found in 2007 when a her boxes of negatives came under the hammer. Vivian could not pay the rent for her storage boxes, as a result, her negatives, prints, audio recordings, and 8 mm film were auctioned. The collector of these negatives began his search for the unknown creator of these images and in this documentary we join him on his search. During the documentary we get to know more and more about this silent traumatized woman who is now known as one of the most accomplished street photographers of her time.
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Ai Weiwei - Never Sorry
Ai Weiwei is as much an activist as he is a creative artist. He is China's most famous international artist and I have seen his work in the Brooklyn Museum while visiting New York last year. His bright ideology never seizes to amaze me. He works with strong symbolism and always pushes his boundaries in a regime every move he makes is watched by authority. What I find truly amazing is that Ai has a goal, he want to fight for what he thinks is right. Even though he has a family, he was beaten up and was held in detention, he stands up again and tries.
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