Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy easter // Things to do with your kids during Easter break

This weekend a big chunk of the world will be celebrating Easter and kids will be enjoying their spring break. This holiday is a good opportunity to celebrate and enjoy a fun day with the family. We have come up with some things to do with your little ones during Easter break.

1 // Decorate your home and bring a little spring inside your home
Go out and collect little sticks and stones during a spring hike. You can spray paint the sticks in matching interior colors and put them in a vase. Fill the bottom past of the vase with quirky shaped stones you all collected. You can choose to paint the stones, make little Easter and spring themed illustrations on them, dip dye them half way or make them match the sticks. Be creative!

2 // Make home-made Eater table decorations
You can purchase your easter decoration in the shop but it is much more fun to have a little crafting afternoon to make your Easter brunch a little more festive. Create some cute little Easter decoration with our Free Printable. Download the Easter pattern and cut them into little triangles. Glue them together with a little string of rope and hang them in your dining room. Enjoy!

3 // Hide & Seek Easter egg hunt
My favorite part of Easter, when I was a little girl, was the search for Easter eggs on our local play ground. Boil some eggs and hide them in your local park or garden. Get together with kids in the neighborhood and have a hide and seek party. You can make it a quest and create a fun adventurous trail to the eggs. The more the merrier! You can have a little ceremony for the first, second and third prize winners and have a picnic afterwards.

4 // Bake Easter themes cupcakes and snacks
This is a great activity for rainy days and can be done every day of the year. Bake some cupcakes and decorate them with Easter themed toppings. You don't have to make sweet cupcakes if you want to keep it healthy go for a savory version. You can fill the cups with veggies, spices and cheese. You can make bunny shaped cheese slices. Or make egg shaped meat balls in a salad leaf shell I bet your kids will love it.

5 // Easter Tote bags
Buy some plain linen totes and fabric paint. Maybe you have some left over fabric which you can use too. Let your kids create their own Easter bags they can later use for an egg hunt. With a some glue, scissors and paint you can have a fun crafty morning.