Saturday, January 31, 2015

Swede Pea Brand // Made with Little Smilemakers Fabric

Swede Pea is a new company that specializes in little ones fashion and accessories and is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Stephanie opened up her online boutique this past December where you can find her hand made creations. We are very proud to see our Little Smilemakers designs used for numerous Swede Pea items and are happy to feature this new business on the blog.

After giving birth to her daughter Stephanie was inspired by her little baby girl to go after her long time dream. To create clothes for babies and toddlers that their mama's could match with an accessory. After months of preparation the website has been launched and the products are listed. Now you can find some very cute headbands, scarves, leggings and bibdanas in her shop but there is even more to come. This spring and summer, shorts, skirts, rompers and some mommy accessories will be added to the Swede Pea collection as well. We can not wait to see the collection grow.

"I've always loved to sew, knit, crochet, paint, draw and really anything creative and crafty. I don't have a degree in design or art. I'm a self-taught seamstress. I think I got the creative genes from my Swedish grandmother who used to sew a lot and she also does a lot of crafting, like crocheting and woodwork. I remember how much I loved being in her sewing room and watch her create."

Stephanie was born and raised in Sweden and her style is definitely Scandinavian inspired. The company name also reflects her roots. Swede Pea stands for Swedish Pea, based on the nickname they gave her when she was a little girl herself: the famous fairy tale princess that had trouble sleeping because of one little pea written by Hans Christian Andersen. If you have never heard of the story, go read it, it was also one of my favorite stories when I was a little kid.

Growing up I was called, Prinsessan på ärten (The Princess and the Pea), by family and friends. So when thinking of a name we came up with Swede Pea. I loved it right away!

Stephanie has a good idea of what designs she wants to include in her collection and tries to be consistent in her choice of fabric, colors and prints. For her collection she works with two other fabric designers; Elvelyckan Design and MiaMea Design, both Swedish companies. "I try to pick patterns that are unisex but sometimes it's hard because there's so much out there that is very girly. I like the unisex idea because I don't want to limit colors because of the sex of a child. Colors should be mixed and for both girls and boys."

So for her first few items Stephanie has chosen to work with a bunch of Little Smilemakers designs. The Geometric Feather print with minty blue, soft pastel coral, black and whites. The Pine Tree print with little lime color pops. The Aztec Feathers design in a vivid summer color scheme and the Geometric Triangle print in pink. And look how adorable those little ones look! Curious to see what else Swede Pea Brand has listed? Take a look at the Facebook page and stay up to date, or go to the shop and order some of her awesome pieces for your little one right now. You can also follow Swede Pea via Instagram @swedepeabrand.