Monday, October 6, 2014

Christmas is on it's way // new seasonal prints & fabric

Christmas. It is on it's way. Decorations are already up in New York and when it's up in New York Christmas is on it's way. During the summer we have been working on new winter and christmas themes for surface pattern design, postcard designs and of course a great chunk of the new seasonal prints is also available on fabric now.

For me personally Christmas always has been a bit of a dreadful experience. With family clashes, angry grannies and weird presents I was always happy to return to school after two weeks of family awkwardness. Now that I am older I tend to flee the country around the holidays. But I love the seasonal vibe and decorations. I am always happy to work on new Christmas themes and the romance of the tale. Designing new prints with fun winter themes and Christmas icons. No, I adore making new seasonal work. Hope you enjoy the new christmas designs too.

Of course you can also do some Little Smilemakers Christmas shopping for your friends and family. Have you seen the new prints available via Daily Objects? I have been working with this company for a year now and there are over more than 200 cases available. They company sells iphone cases for also cases for Samsung, HTC, Nexus, just name it. Take a look and see for yourself.