Monday, September 22, 2014

Finished projects made by customers // DIY passport cover // Baby nursery home // Lion dinner set for kids

After a lot of hard work it is lovely to see finished items. Sometimes it can take up to a year before we get to see the final result. Here is a little piece about some of the great ways Little Smilemakers designs are used by clients and fabric customers.

There are quite some travel themes in the Little Smilemakers fabric collection. For asian themes to New York inspired illustrated patterns. A Spoonflower customer send us this little passport case photo this week. And as travel addicts we love to see this travel themed finished project made with Little Smilemakers New York City fabric available at Spoonflower.

La Millou has a range of Little Smilemakers designs in their nursery collection. The hipster design, the Parisien design, Foxes and one of our all time favorites is the Toucan Birds design. A colorful patchwork style print for both boys and girls. The print is available on blankets, pillows, little hats and lot's more!

For Triple 8 Design Studios in Australia we have worked on some cute bamboo fibre biodegradable dinner sets. One with Lions but also one with cute little dinosaurs. So much fun to have these on your kids breakfast table! And after these there is even more to come.

We are always excited to see the result! So if you have been working with Little Smilemakers fabric or if you have some fun items to show that are in your little kids bedroom or in your household please share your Little Smilemakers via the facebook page.