Friday, August 1, 2014

Fabric hotsellers // Start your fall projects and get inspired by new geometrics and woodland trends

Time to announce this years Little Smilemakers Studio fabric hotsellers. Lot's of peeps are already starting their fall projects. Warmer darker colors are very popular. The geometric trend will be going on for a while and of course the domestic animals, cacti and woodland themes will stay.

After the Aztec trend the geometric wave has just grown stronger and stronger. Together with scandinavian minimals this trend will survive fall and winter. A mix of organic drawings and geometric animals will pop up in fashion and home decor. Also the pastels will appear even on winter themes this year. A natural warm earthy tone color palette will be introduced this fall. Something to balance out the cleanliness of the whites and popping neon colors. So yes, everything goes this year. There is enough to choose from in the Little Smilemakers fabric shop. Take a look and start your fall projects. Have fun!

Are you inspired to work on a new project? Visit the fabric shop at Spoonflower and see what else is available.