Tuesday, February 5, 2013

> New diaper series for Milovia Poland | Apple & abstract fruit design | Cute patterns for your baby or toddler | Enjoy!

Little Smilemakers Studio has been making surface pattern designs for Male me diapers in the past. Last year Male me decided to change their company name into Milovia, are more international oriented name with an authentic Polish sound.

The new Milovia diaper series are finally finished this week. This crazy cute series of Little Smilemakers pattern designs are now for sale at the new Milovia webshop. For several months the people of Milovia are working on a new and improved online shop. This month they will be finishing their new website, including a translation of the website in English. The former Polish website is still online but the name change from Male me to Milovia is now official. To celebrate the new name and new website, there it is, the new collection!

Check out their new collection of recyclable baby diapers, baby bibs and diaper bags here! Enjoy shopping for your baby or toddler or surprise your pregnant friend with an adorable Milovia baby present for her baby shower.