Thursday, November 29, 2012

> New Xmas presents & gifts | Top pics for the holidays | Shop online for yours!

by Maaike Boot

Christmas time is just around the corner so it is about time to get started with the xmas shopping! As you can see we have made a nice Little Smilemakers selection of items you can order online.

Cute recyclable diapers for you baby or toddler, each diaper is adjustable in size 0-2. This brand is has started selling baby diapers, diaper bags and baby bibs since 2011. Cute products with retro Little Smilemakers patterns and illustrations. Two mothers of small kids run the company from their own home in Poland. Enjoy!

Would you like to give your bedroom or livingroom with a nice Little Smilemakers touch? Look around the Home Deco section of the designalicious Zazzle shop! Here you can find cute patterned pillow cases and also some nice decorated high quality kitchenware.

Would you like to surprise your friend or one of your kids with a nice iphone case? There are lots of new designs in our designalicious store. Retro patterns, mindfulness typography and vintage themed doodles. Check out all cases for iphone, blackberry or samsung.

Have fun surfing around the net for your christmas presents and gifts!